Trameisha Farris Murders EJ Utley

Trameisha Farris and Wilton Alexander are two teen killers from Tennessee who were convicted of the murder of EJ Utley

According to court documents fifteen year old Trameisha Farris and sixteen year old Wilton Alexander would go to the home of fifteen year old Edgar “EJ” Utley. Trameisha Farris would lure EJ outside when he would be fatally shot by Wilton Alexander. Police believe the motive was robbery

This was not a random murder as Wilton Alexander and EJ Utley grew up together and their mothers were close friendds

Trameisha Farris and Wilton Alexander would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison

Trameisha Farris Case

The two teenagers accused of killing a 15-year-old from Antioch have been found guilty of first-degree murder, according to District Attorney Glenn Funk.

E.J. Utley was a freshman at Hillsboro High School when he was murdered on his front porch by two teens, 16-year-old Wilton Alexander and 15-year-old Trameisha Farris.

“E.J. Utley was 15 at the time he was killed and a freshman at Hillsboro High School. According to police and court testimony, E.J. was killed on his father’s front porch by then 16-year-old Wilton Alexander after being lured out of the home by Wilton’s girlfriend, Trameisha Farris, who was 15 at the time,” the DA said.

The DA added that Utley and Alexander had been close friends, even playing basketball together growing up.

“Their mothers were also close friends, and were both in court for the trial. A unique aspect during the trial came when Detective Chad High (a Metro Police Department expert) testified that the defense attorney’s late disclosed exhibits were potentially doctored and unreliable,” the DA said.

Trameisha Farris More News

Around the clock investigation by Homicide Unit and TITANS (The Investigative Team Addressing Neighborhood Shootings) detectives has led to the identification of Wilton Alexander, 16, and Trameisha Farris, 15, as suspects in Thursday afternoon’s murder of Edgar Utley V, 15, on the front porch of his Pointer Court home. Juvenile Court arrest orders charging Alexander and Farris with criminal homicide have been issued. The two are believed to be together. Anyone seeing them or knowing their whereabouts is asked to immediately contact Nashville Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.

The investigation, being led by Detective Chris Cote, shows that Utley was visited by a female (alleged to have been Farris) for about 10 minutes before the two walked onto the front porch where a gunman (alleged to have been Alexander) was waiting. A struggle ensued, during which Utley was fatally shot. He died shortly after arriving at Vanderbilt. The male and female involved fled.

At this point in the investigation, robbery appears to have been the motive.

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