Tyanna Thomas Murders Brother

Tyanna Thomas was a fourteen year old teen killer from Ohio when she would murder her fifteen year old brother Tommie Thomas

According to court documents Tyanna Thomas and her brother Tommie Thomas were involved in an argument over video games when Tyanna would grab a shotgun from another room and fatally shoot her brother

Tyanna Thomas would be arrested shortly after the murder

Now the judge in the case initially wanted to keep Tyanna Thomas in juvenile court due to her age at the time of the murder however while in custody awaiting sentencing Tyanna would be involved in a number of incidents in the juvenile detention including attacking a correctional guard. The judge would then waive Tyanna to adult court where she would be convicted and sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison

Tyanna Thomas Now

tyanna thomas today

Number W104715

DOB 05/12/2002

Gender Female

Race Black

Admission Date 11/05/2019

Institution Ohio Reformatory for Women


Aggregate Sentence 15.00 – Life

Expected Release Date/Parole Eligibility Date 11/10/2031

Tyanna Thomas Case

A teen in juvenile detention for shooting and killing her brother in 2016 could possibly spend the rest of her life in adult prison because of accusations that she assaulted a corrections officer.

Tyanna Thomas, is 17 years old and was 14 at the time of the fatal shooting. She pleaded guilty in 2017 to murder in Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center and was sentenced to juvenile detention until she is 21 with a suspended adult sentence of 15 years to life in prison that could be imposed.

While in juvenile detention, Miss Thomas assaulted a corrections officer and is facing pending prosecution for felony assault on a corrections officer in Montgomery County, where she was being kept in detention, said Lori Olender, deputy chief of the Lucas County prosecutor’s juvenile division.

Based on the new criminal charge and what Ms. Olender described as a pattern of misconduct while in detention, she filed a motion in Lucas County juvenile court to impose the teen’s adult sentence. A hearing is scheduled for Sept. 27 in juvenile court.

The assault occurred in September, 2018, Ms. Olender said. Officials with the Ohio Department of Youth Services contacted prosecutors in Lucas County to inform them of the new criminal charge. Ms. Olender would not give any other details about the assault or about the other misconduct.

The teen has been held in juvenile detention for about two years, and if she were to make it through her juvenile sentence and get released at 21 years old, then the adult sentence could no longer be imposed, Ms. Olender said.

Police found 15-year-old Tommie Thomas, at about 8:50 p.m. on Dec. 7, 2016, inside the teens’ residence in the 1000 block of Woodland Avenue with a single gunshot wound to the chest. He was pronounced dead at ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

Investigators believe the teens were arguing just prior to the shooting.

The state at the time argued that Miss Thomas should be tried as an adult in Lucas County Common Pleas Court, but the request was denied and her case proceeded in juvenile court. The state allows children as young as 14 to stand trial as an adult. Miss Thomas was 14 years and six months old when charged.

According to previous court testimony, Miss Thomas was previously arrested in 2015 on a charge of aggravated robbery near the Toledo Lucas County Public Library’s Mott Branch, where she was suspected of carrying a gun. A firearm was not retrieved, and the charge was later reduced to robbery.

Both Miss Thomas and her brother attended Scott High School. According to previous court testimony, she was also disciplined at school more than 30 times through fourth grade and suspended repeatedly later for such incidents as threatening others and pushing a teacher.

Tyanna Thomas Teen Killer Murders Brother

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