Aldrick Scott Murders Cari Allen

Aldrick Scott Nebraska

Aldrick Scott is a killer from Omaha Nebraska who would be convicted of the murder of Cari Allen

According to court documents Aldrick Scott and Cari Allen briefly dated however she would end the relationship

Aldrick Scott would stalk Cari Allen. On the night of the murder he would drive from Topeka Kansas to Omaha Nebraska following Allen by using SnapChat maps

Scott would wait for more than an hour inside of the home of Cari Allen. When the woman arrived home she would be murdered. Aldrick attempted to put forward a self defense strategy saying Allen pulled a gun on him and the two fought over it and it accidentally went off killing Cari

Aldrick Scott would flee the country following the murder and would eventually be arrested in Belize where he would be sent back to Omaha Nebraska where he would go on trial and be convicted of murder. Aldrick Scott will be sentenced at a later date

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Aldrick Scott Case

A jury convicted a man of killing his ex-girlfriend Monday.

They deliberated for about two and a half hours before determining that Aldrick Scott killed Cari Allen in November 2022.

The jury ruled that Scott was guilty of first-degree murder, use of a weapon to commit a felony and tampering with physical evidence.

During the trial, prosecutors alleged there was overwhelming evidence that Scott stalked and murdered Allen in 2022 before fleeing the country.

As Cari’s loved ones left the courtroom Monday, they said they’re glad the trial is over.

Her ex-husband, Brett Allen, said it’s been tough on him and his son.

“He’s been my rock through this,” Brett said. “For what he’s had to go through and how he’s come out of it, nothing short of a miraculous miracle.”

Friends like Dawn Gilbert said they are thankful for the outcome.

“Justice was served today, I feel good about this,” Gilbert said.

Prosecutors laid out the case against Scott, saying he waited for Allen in her home after following her while she was on a date. Prosecutors said Scott drove from Topeka, Kansas to Nebraska, followed Allen through SnapChat maps, then waited for more than an hour in her home.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said it was an open and shut case.

“There wasn’t one thing, there was just a myriad of things that the story he presented was made up,” Kleine said.

The defense alleged Scott and Allen had recently broken up, and when Scott went to talk to Allen at her home in November 2022, something happened, he acted in self-defense and ran in panic — not premeditation.

Scott took the stand during the trial, and called this a “tough story to swallow,” saying Allen, pulled a gun on him. He said, the two struggled over it and the gun went off, killing her.

“That didn’t fly, obviously, with the jury they didn’t believe it and neither did we,” Kleine said.

Cari’s loved ones said listening to the defense was hard.

“It was so ludicrous, it was almost comical in some parts of it,” Brett said.

Cari’s former brother-in-law, Mike, said Scott got what he deserved.

“Cowards are dangerous and that’s what this guy was,” Mike said.

Despite the conviction, Brett said his son is still left without a mother.

“Justice is kind of funny, because you’re not bringing Cari back, there really is no justice,” Brett said.

Scott’s presentence investigation is scheduled for May 30.

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