Joshua Keyzer Murders Kassandra Keyzer

Joshua Keyzer was a sixteen year old teen killer from Michigan who would murder his cousin Kassandra Keyzer

According to court documents Joshua Keyzer was at his Grandmother’s home when he would attack twenty one year old Kassandra Keyzer who was sexually assaulted and murdered. Keyzer would then slash the throat of his Grandmother before fleeing to the roof of the building to hide from police. Keyzer Grandmother would survive the attack

Joshua Keyzer would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to forty to sixty years in prison

Joshua Keyzer Now

MDOC Number:


SID Number:




Racial Identification:









6′ 0″


180 lbs.

Date of Birth:

03/07/1999  (24)

Current Status:


Earliest Release Date:


Assigned Location:

Muskegon Correctional Facility

Maximum Discharge Date:


Joshua Keyzer Case

There are new developments Monday in the case of a West Michigan teenager who was just 16-years-old when he killed his cousin.

Monday morning the teen was sentenced to 40 to 60 years in prison.

Now his family is starting to move forward after these very brutal crimes.

Joshua Keyzer learned his fate at the Allegan County Courthouse

Last month a plea deal was reached and he pleaded guilty to felony murder and rape charges.

The vicious attacks happened in June of last year at his grandmother’s house in Wayland.

Keyzer stabbed his cousin, 21-year-old Kassandra Keyzer, to death in a rape attempt.

He then slashed his grandmother’s throat and then hid on the roof from police.

His grandmother survived the attack, but later died from cancer.

Monday, Kassandra’s mother gave a statement to the court. She says the young mother was cut down in the prime of her life, just a month after getting married.

She says this murder has torn her family apart.

“The terror she endured is incomprehensible and cruel. The crime affects all of our lives. Our contentment, peace and joy as a family is forever gone. Taken by someone we loved. We loved you,” said Karen Lonar. “Our family is taking this day by day, living life without Kassandra invokes hopelessness, anger and great bitterness. There are no actions you can do on earth to ever bring Kassandra back to our family. You need to be put away so that this never happens again.”

Joshua Keyzer did not speak in court Monday. However, his lawyer says while in prison the teen hopes to receive treatment and understand what caused his behavior.

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