Nicholas Koontz Murders Timothy Andricks

Nicholas Koontz
Nicholas Koontz

Nicholas Koontz is a killer from Florida who was convicted of the murder of Timothy Andricks

According to court documents Nicholas Koontz and Timothy Andricks had an altercation that led to Andricks throwing a cup of ice at Koontz.

Nicholas Koontz would chase Timothy Andricks with his car and when the two men stopped Koontz would get out of his vehicle and fatally shoot Andricks

Nicholas Koontz would be arrested and convicted of murder. Koontz now faces up to thirty years in prison

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Nicholas Koontz Case

A 25-year-old Bradenton man was convicted by a jury this week in a Manatee County courthouse of shooting and killing a man in 2021.

On Oct. 12, 2021, Nicholas Koontz and Timothy Andricks, 31, were in a road rage altercation while driving in west Bradenton. Andricks reportedly threw his paper McDonald’s cup full of ice and soda at Koontz’s car, which led to Koontz following him at high speed until they stopped on a residential street.

Both men got out of their cars and Koontz shot Andricks several times, according to the State Attorney’s Office. It was caught on a doorbell camera.

Koontz was arrested within an hour of the shooting but made no statements to law enforcement. At the trial, he claimed it was self-defense, officials said.

“The retaliatory actions taken by this defendant in murdering this victim over a minor dispute cannot be tolerated in our community,” Assistant State Attorney Rebecca Freel said.

The crime carries a maximum possible sentence of 30 years in the Department of Corrections. Koontz’s sentencing will be scheduled for a future date, according to the state attorney.

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