Shyanne Parrott Murders Amber Shipley

Shyanne Parrott was a seventeen year old teen killer from Nebraska that would murder her love rival Amber Shipley

According to court documents Shyanne Parrott and Amber Shipley were at odds and fighting over the same man. The tension between the two continued to escalate before the murder. Shyanne would jump into a truck and would intentionally struck and ran over Amber Shipley causing her death

Shyanne Parrott was arrested, convicted and sentenced to fifty to eighty years in prison

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shyanne parrott nebraska
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Gender:FEMALERace:WHITEDate of Birth:06/27/1998

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Shyanne Parrott Case

A local teen has entered a guilty plea to charges that she ran over a rival with a pickup truck, killing her.

Shyanne Parrott, now 18, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of second-degree murder in a brief court appearance Tuesday.

She had been scheduled to stand trial, beginning Wednesday, on first-degree murder charges in connection with the death of Amber Shipley, 20.

Parrott, dressed in an orange jail jumper, trembled throughout the hearing and tried to dab tears with her shoulders. Her wrists were shackled at her waist.

The victim’s mother, Sherry Bright, said after the hearing that she had mixed emotions about the plea deal but would be satisfied if Parrott received a life sentence.

“My baby is gone. This is all I’ve got of my baby,” she said, clutching a container holding her daughter’s ashes.

Bright, who lies in Hamburg, Iowa, said she her daughter’s ashes would be interred with those of Shipley’s late father, Lyle, sometime after the sentencing.

Parrott’s attorney could not be immediately reached for comment.

Prosecutors say that Parrott and Shipley got into an altercation, reportedly over a boyfriend, outside of the Nebraska City library on Sept. 14. Parrott left and returned driving a pickup truck.

Shipley died of blunt force head injuries, according to autopsy results.

The possible sentence for second-degree murder is 20 years to life in prison. Otoe County District Judge Jeffrey Funke set July 21 as the date for sentencing.

Shyanne Parrott News

A Nebraska woman who pleaded guilty to running down another woman will spend decades behind bars.

Shyanne Parrot, 18, was sentenced to 50 to 80 years in prison for the attack.

According to police and prosecutors, Parrott and Amber Shipley got into an argument outside the Nebraska City Library last September.

Parrott left the scene, then drove back, and ran over Shipley with her truck, witnesses and police said.

Shipley died a week later from her injuries.

Parrott’s mother told KETV in an interview that she believed the attack happened as the result of an ongoing dispute between the two over a boyfriend.

Parrott will get credit for the nearly 12 months she has already spent in jail.

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