Yasmine Hider Murders Adam Simjee

Yasmine Hider and Krystal Pinkins are two killers from Alabama who were convicted of the murder of Adam Simjee

According to court documents Yasmine Hider and Krystal Pinkins were living in in the Talladega National Forest in Alabama when their ruse of a broken down car so they could rob people who would stop and help brought Florida College students Adam Simjee and his girlfriend Mikayla Paulus to their aid

Adam Simjee would be fatally shot during the robbery attempt

Yasmine Hider and Krystal Pinkins would be arrested and convicted of murder

Yasmine Hider would be sentenced to thirty five years in prison

Krystal Pinkins would be sentenced to life in prison

Yasmine Hider Case

Two women were sentenced Thursday after a Florida man was shot and killed after an attempted robbery near Cheaha State Park in 2022.

Yasmine Hider, 21, of Edmond, Oklahoma, was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Hider pleaded guilty to murder, kidnapping, and robbery in October 2023. As part of the plea agreement, Hider cooperated in the prosecution and testified against Pinkins at trial.

Krystal Diane Pinkins, 37, of Memphis, Tennessee was sentenced to life in prison.

Pinkins was convicted of murder, robbery, and unlawful use of a firearm during a crime of violence in September 2023.

According to court documents, on Aug. 14, 2022, college students from Florida, were driving to Cheaha State Park to go hiking.

Hinder flagged down a man and woman to help jump start Pinkins’s car that was broken down.

Hider robbed the couple and shot the man as he attempted to defend himself and his girlfriend.

Officers found Hider with four gunshot wounds several feet away from where the shooting occurred.

Court documents also revealed Pinkins provided the gun and helped plan the robbery. It further states Pinkins watched the robbery and murder from the woods. She was found six hours later at a secluded campsite.


Yasmin Hinder News

Yasmine Hider kidnapped Adam Simjee and his girlfriend at gunpoint, according to a plea agreement. Unbeknownst to her, Simjee had a gun hidden in his waistband, which he pulled out, leading to an exchange of gunfire between Hider and Simjee.

A teenage girl who murdered a Florida college student during a botched robbery attempt will spend the next 35 years in prison.

Yasmine Marie Hider pleaded guilty to the murder, kidnapping, and robbery of 22-year-old Adam Simjee back in October.

Simjee and his girlfriend, Mikayla Paulus, had been driving through the Talladega National Forest in Alabama on Aug. 16, 2022, when they were flagged down by a then-19-year-old Hider to jump-start her car, according to the plea agreement obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

The couple agreed to help, and after a few failed attempts to get the car running, Hider pulled out a gun and ordered the two to empty their pockets and then walk into the forest, says the agreement.

Paulus threw her phone and the keys to the car on the ground while Simjee informed his captor that he didn’t have anything on him, according to the agreement.

“Hider took [Paulus’] cell phone and recorded herself asking for [Simjee] and [Paulus’] banking information, phone passwords, credit card numbers, and their personal identification numbers,” says the agreement, which notes that this recording was preserved on the phone.

Unbeknownst to Hider, Simjee had hidden a gun in his waistband in the event that Hider planned to rob him, and when she “looked away and lowered her guard,” he pulled out the weapon and ordered her to drop her firearm to the ground, according to the agreement.

Hider instead said “are you serious” and opened fire, which Simjee returned before falling to the ground, says the agreement.

Paulus then called 911 while Hider called out to a woman in the woods nearby who, instead of helping, fled the scene, according to the agreement.

Simjee died at the scene while Hider survived despite being shot three times in the abdomen and once in the upper leg, according to the agreement.

Prosecutors agreed to a plea deal after learning that Hider had been living off the grid in the forest with 37-year-old Krystal Pinkins, who owned both the car used to lure in the couple and the gun used to kill Simjee, says the agreement.

Pinkins was also sentenced on Thursday, receiving a sentence of life in prison after being convicted of murder, kidnapping and robbery following a federal trial earlier this year.

Yasmine Hider had told officers Pinkins was nearby when she committed the crime, and had come up with the idea of robbing a motorist, according to the agreement.

That happened while Yasmine Hider was being treated in the hospital, and the agreement says she also asked about her victim at the time, saying: “Did he die? I didn’t want to hurt anybody.”

When told that he died, Hider said: “I took his whole life away; now he can’t tell his story.”

Lawyers for Hider and Pinkins did not respond to requests for comment.


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